from/per person  45
  • Nature
  • Minimum 2 Persons
  • Transportation


Bjelasnica, Igman and Trebevic Olympic mountains

What is Sarajevo without Olympic mountains surrounding the city. Wherever you stand you can see at least one of them above our capital. Mountains determine our climate, they are source of fresh water and main weekend destinations for locals. All our mountains are Dinaric chain of mountains spliting our country in two sides, and Bosnia and Herzegovina has many. Mountains that surround Sarajevo are famous from 1984., when we host Winter Olympics.

We will visit Ski center on Bjelasnica mountain and Umoljani village, Igman mountain with highest concetration of ozone, and Trebevic mountain on which we have bobsleigh track, most popular abandoned sight in our country.

Tour will be 6 hours